A General Overview

The 2021 CDC DNPAO National Training — Leading the Charge for a Healthier Nation — was designed for SPAN, REACH, and HOP Program recipients. Hosted by the Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN), the national training delivered 22.5 hours of programming across 51 sessions with 141 persons speaking and reached 759 attendees from 44 states. Following the national training, our attendees indicated the training was well received and the virtual format a success.

“Our whole team found the training extremely helpful and informative. We appreciated the open conversations about race and health equity!”

“As always, the DNPAO staff hit the mark again with this training. It provided the right mix of content and timing with the agenda. Well done and thank you all! ”

“Given the limitations of the virtual format I thought the training was excellent. It was well organized and the speakers were terrific. I learned a lot and have even begun sharing resources with my colleagues. Thanks for organizing it!”