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14. Using Behavioral Design to Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice for Nutrition and Physical Activity

Monday, May 6, 2019, 1:30 PM – 3:00 PMOmni Atlanta Hotel, North Tower, M2, Magnolia Room

Behavioral design strategies enable and incentivize people toward healthier choices and actions. Behavioral design draws evidence from many academic and practice disciplines to guide the creation of healthy environments. The session will begin with an overview of behavioral design examples at each level of the socioecological model (SEM). Session attendees will divide into smaller focused sessions where the speakers will use specific and general examples from the audience and walk through applying behavioral design to specific nutrition and physical activity strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe behavioral design strategies at each level of the SEM when doing nutrition or physical activity interventions and apply them to NOFO efforts.
  2. Identify the primary behavioral design categories and apply strategies in each of these to influence diet and physical activity as to facilitate successfully operationalizing the NOFO.
  3. Recognize behavioral design strategies in our built environment by being asked about the categories and strategies they remember from the airport to the current meeting.
  4. Identify and understand the efforts necessary to change the behavioral and built environment, while being empowered to know who to approach and how to make changes benefiting diet and physical activity.
  5. Describe how access and connectivity at the building, community and organizational levels supports strategies, programs, and policies that can incentivize healthy choices.
  6. Apply behavioral design to the Community Preventive Services Task Force recommendations on Increasing Physical Activity: Built Environment Approaches.



    David R. Brown, PhD, Senior Behavioral Scientist, DNPAO, CDC

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