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Monday, May 06, 201911:00 AM - 12:00 PM

1. Painting the Picture of Health Equity: What Does Equity Really Look Like?
Location: Omni Atlanta Hotel, North Tower, M2, International Ballrooms DEF

It is hard to advance equity if you’ve never seen it before…This breakout session is designed to give participants an opportunity to paint the picture of what health equity would look like. The interactive session includes small group discussion and visioning exercises to explore and design components of a system of equity.

Session Learning Objectives:
  1. Know criteria and components of building systems of equity.
  2. Understand barriers to advancing systems of equity and what to do about them.
  3. Be prepared to articulate what a picture/strategy/vision of health equity might look like.
The following will be presenting:
Moderated by:

April Bankston, Lead Public Health Advisor, DNPAO, CDC